Lima | Fitzrovia

Michelin starred restaurant, Peruvian cuisine and Pisco Sour’s. Sign me up!

Well, I did sign me up when a mighty deal came on Time Out Offers for two courses and a Pisco Sour for the blink and you’ll miss it price of £19! You may see a little theme here with me – I am truly a Time Out Offers convert! If you haven’t already, I would completely recommend signing up to their mailing list if you haven’t for great deals on restaurants, bars, theatre etc. Anyway, back to Lima!

After purchasing the voucher I had the choice of booking at Lima Fitzrovia or Lima Floral. ‘How often do you get the opportunity to eat at a michelin starred restaurant for £19’ I thought to myself… as I was calling Lima Fitzrovia!

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Located just off Oxford Street, the restaurant is a former townhouse, and has the same interior and layout of Koba just a few doors up. The restaurant is overflowing with light from the greenhouse-esque ceiling, and colour from the traditional blankets and wool decorations strung along the walls.

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Our food choices came from a set menu specifically for the Time Out offer. This featured a meat, fish and veg option for both starter and main. For starter Brendan and I shared Fisherman’s Ceviche and Lomo Steak Huancaina. The ceviche was incredible! So light, fresh, citrusy and visually stunning! I think I could have eaten three more plates! The steak dish was equally delightful with very thinly cut, lightly seared beef slices surrounded by a drizzle of corn sauce and edible flowers.

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For mains we opted for the King Prawn Chupe – a chowder style dish served over piped mashed potato, and Chicken Pachamanca – juicy chicken breast smothered in a mushroom and red pepper style sauce, again accompanied by pureed potato. I think the standards may have been set a little too high with the delicate presentation and flavours of the starters, to then be followed by the heavier, saltier main courses. Way. too. much. salt. It was slightly disappointing, as had the same care and attention been shown to the mains it would have been a great meal. Instead, they felt a bit like they were being made en masse. This may have been the case what with the ‘Time Out’ set menu, however you would expect the same standards across the board on all dishes.

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We finished the meal with a glass of Peruvian wine (when in Lima…) which was actually very very nice! I have never tried Peruvian wine before, and will not be shying away from it in the future!

On Reflection:

It’s difficult to make a judgment on the restaurant when I have not had a completely authentic experience from a menu point of view. However, at the same time I would have thought that the point of running offers such as Time Out is to give a taster experience, in the hope that customers would come back, bring their friends and order off the main menu. I can’t say that this is the case for me. I wouldn’t say that the experience we had was michelin star worthy – the service felt rushed, and the mains were no where near the quality of the starters. On the other hand, I didn’t walk away feeling disappointed as two courses and a cocktail for £19 in London is still a great deal!

I can also now say I have tried Peruvian food, and I would definitely be keen to venture out to other Peruvian restaurants in the future. Hell, maybe I’ll even go to Lima in Peru one day!!

Address: Lima Fitzrovia, 31 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JH













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