Roka | Brunch

Aldwych | London

Brunch is very much the ‘in’ thing to do at the moment, and when you throw Japanese food and a Time Out offer into the mix it becomes just oh so delightful! I will put it out there straight away – I bought a voucher for this brunch through Time Out for the bargain price £42.00 (pp) – the usual cost is £59.00, but even at this price I think it is absolutely worth its value. The stage for our feast was Roka Aldwych, however they also have the brunch menu available at their Canary Wharf site.

So, what is the brunch I hear you ask? A (what feels like) never ending selection of ten starters (to share) are brought out, followed by one main course (per person) of your choice, and a dessert platter. To wash all of this down, a choice of unlimited red or white wine, or Prosecco is available (last drink can be ordered as the dessert is served).

An example of what we dined on:


Edamame beans

Mixed mushroom salad in sesame miso dressing


3 Sashimi selection | Nothing beats gorgeous fresh sashimi!!


Japanese pumpkin and sweet potato salad | More like a puree, I could not stop eating this and finished the whole lot! No sharing from me!!

Prawn & pork gyoza

Assorted vegetable and prawn tempura | Light, delicate and down right tasty!


Main course

Glazed baby back ribs with cashew nuts | I wouldn’t normally order ribs in a Japanese restaurant, however we saw someone else order them, and they just looked delicious! We were not disappointed!


Beef sirloin, spring onion and chilli | As beautiful as it looks, there was something missing with this dish. The sauce had a strange tang to it, which I think may have been too much lime, and the beef tasted slightly on the dry side. This was the weakest dish of the whole brunch, however it didn’t dampen the meal at all, and could just be a case of personal taste on the sauce.


The dessert platter featured a refreshing selection of exotic fruits, sorbet, ice cream, panna cotta, and frozen chocolate mousse shaped as a buddha. The perfect ending after what was that… 13 courses?!


The atmosphere in the restaurant is tranquil and intimate, with an open kitchen in the centre of the dining area, so you can see everything being prepared and served. There are two areas available to take a table, the restaurant or the bar. As you would expect, the bar area is more relaxed, with lounge style tables, whereas the restaurant has a slightly more formal feel. We chose to sit in the restaurant and it was just perfect. Brunch is available on Saturdays between 11:30 – 15:30, and Sunday 11:30 – 20:00.

Bar / lounge area of Roka Aldwych 
Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 17.09.04

Restaurant area of Roka Aldwych 

On Reflection:

There was so much food! It just kept coming!! As I said at the start, I would happily pay full price for this brunch as it was just delicious! Aside from the obvious unlimited booze, I really felt that we were getting our monies worth. The service was friendly, surroundings comfortable, and we genuinely had a super enjoyable afternoon at Roka Aldwych! Keep your eye out on Time Out offers, as I know this wasn’t the first time they ran the offer, however it did sell out fast so you’ll need to be quick! The website, along with a more detailed example menu’s can be seen here.

Address: Roka Aldwych, 71 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN

*Roka have four sites across London – Charlotte Street, Mayfair, Aldwych and Canary Wharf. 


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