The Start

Welcome to ‘Ruthie on Reflection’!

A blank canvas to share my thoughts and reviews of places I visit, near and far. Whether it be trying the new cocktail bar in Wandsworth, a night at the theatre, or a weekend in Riga, the aim of my blog is to inspire!

I am often asked for ideas on where to go for dinner, places to stay and things to do, and here you will find my open and honest opinion. Word of mouth is always the most trusted method of recommendation, and this works both ways, so please do let me know where your favourite places, or new discoveries are too!

I hope my blog brings you inspiration, creativity and a smile!

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The Pandas: Mashka’s Marvellous Menagerie

Ruthie x


Wine & Dine

Dinner, lunch, brunch, cheese, wine, coffee, cocktails, hot dogs, and everything in between!

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Bratwurst in Berlin | 2015


I often travel on my own, so will provide you with the point of view of a solo, twenty-something female (accompanied by many a selfie – downside of solo travelling)! Near and far, there is much of the world still to discover!

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Paris | 2013


Things to do, and places to see. This page will range from a roller disco in London, to a bungee jump in South Africa… bungee jump not likely, but you know what I mean!

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Sky Dive | Mexico | 2017